BARCELONA: Exposición Brusse en Galería N2

Os dejo la invitación para la inauguración de la exposición de LOVE ADDICTS este jueves a partir de las 19h en la galería N2 de Barcelona (Enric Granados 61)
La obra de Brusse está basada en el amor y diferentes maneras de sentirlo. En particular conozco “Inyecciones de amor (Love Injections)” que gira en torno a diferentes demostraciones de amor que organizó para las mujeres que amaba en su vida (en particular su entonces pareja, Sandra). Espectacular! Fue un regalo que me hizo una muy buena amiga y me encantó, no me canso de mirarlo una y otra vez.
En este link podéis encontrar un extracto de ese libro (haciendo click en el libro que aparece abajo a la derecha) para haceros una idea de las cosas tan geniales y originales que hace:
LINKQuería contaros algo interesante sobre él pero en su web he encontrado esta fantástica biografía que es millones de veces mejor que cualquier cosa que yo os pueda intentar contar:

Born. Oedipus-complex.
In love with schoolteacher, hurt knee and was in same taxi with her, a moment of true intense love.
First love, kissed her on mouth behind corner.

In love with a girl six year older than me, she was not interested in me and my toys.
In love with Kathlene Turner after seen the movie Jewel of the nile. Hid a newspaper picture of her in my wallet.
In love with girl the whole school loved, no luck. Years later it looked hopefully but he world was different by then.
Again in love with school teacher
First real girlfriend, thought that kissing was squeezing lips together without stopping, unique moments.
Learned how mysterious girls can be (12 years old) in their behavior, didn’t understand (current status= no change)
Love at first sight. Started a relationship but ended very fast. Does love on first sight is meaningful?
Nothing but little loves, rather shallow and a bit empty. Fished a lot, caught little.
Big love, real sexual life started here.
Bad boy, deep hurting emotions and stress, always confessed the day after,…
Wrong path of life, hated studies, wrong feeling inside, worst moment in life
New big love, after 6 months, ripped my heart in 1000 pieces
Looking for the pieces and slowly glueing them together, several times bad glue.
Sex, love and rock and roll friends, fun but not enough, wanted to eat bigger piece of love.
In search of the perfect woman, looked everywhere found nothing.
Decided to live between Spanish emotions, 1 suitcase and 1 busticket
2 Spanish loves, …one far away, a Belgian love head exploded in one week, too many woman. Not recommendable. Focus!
Picked the right one, the princess of my interior.
Changed path of life, thanks to my partner (still love her for that), she was the first to point me in the right direction.
Every day I love the things I do more and more.
Never so close to the perfect love, long relationship consists in working to keep standing strong in the sea of emotions.
Current girlfriend the perfect match? 10 years and counting… Trying to give as much love as possible. Keep on learning about the most incredible existing energy. Reuniting the family closer than ever. Seeing and feeling each others.
It is over with my girlfriend?¿?¿ Learned that love has a lot of sides which are hidden for our eyes.Learned so much more. I lost one of the most beautiful person of my life… but life continous and positivity is the message!Negativity is not even an option. We are still in contact. She will always be one of the most important persons in my life.
I am living things I otherwise never would have lived if it hadn’t be for the 2009 love story.
Love (analyzing the past).

Para más información sobre él y su obra:

Para más información sobre la galería:


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